Beautiful Boy by Joe Mykut

Beautiful Boy by Joe Mykut

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Joe Mykut, an Alabamian native, created this book based on his life experiences.

This is the story of a little boy, who like many, was born bright and wonderful and without a worry in the world. Then, with one experience after another, he slowly lost his sense of wonder. Can Beautiful boy get back his wonder and magic or has his light seen its last shine?

Beautiful Boy targets the demands of the world, that exist even at a young age, to conform to a grueling polarized state of being. A world where one must be all or nothing, one or the other, and nothing in the middle. This story specifically addresses the impact this social demand has not only on the family structure, but also gender norms and roles, and the ability for one to merely exist safely among peer groups. Beautiful Boy tells the story of their journey struggling to navigate a world where being themselves is a crime at every turn. Boy not only learns to love themselves even when that seems impossible, embracing even the parts of them that hurts the most.

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