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Plant Mounting Class at Botanica Huntsville 6/9/2023 @ 5:30pm

Plant Mounting Class at Botanica Huntsville 6/9/2023 @ 5:30pm

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Botanica Huntsville
Friday, June 9th from 5:30 - 7pm
414 Governors Drive, Huntsville, AL 35801


Participate in a beginner-level class at Botanica Huntsville on Friday, June 9th to learn how to attach live plants onto cork bark for hanging display. Mounting plants is a straightforward process of securing them to wood or cork bark, allowing for easy hanging on walls as an alternative to potting. Watering is a cinch, requiring only that the entire piece is fully soaked once a week.

 Included in the cost are materials, a Rhaphidophora Hayii, and one-on-one guidance.

Participants must be 21+ years or older.

Attendees may bring consumables, including alcoholic beverages, to be enjoyed responsibly. Consumption is optional; those who partake must recognize that legal drinking age is required and accept responsibility for their choices and associated outcomes. Botanica urges responsible consumption and respectful behavior; driving should not be attempted when impaired. Note that individuals are solely responsible for any action taken after drinking. Botanica disclaims any liability for any outcomes associated with drinking.

(This event is non-refundable) 
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