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Hoya Carnosa 4"-6"

Hoya Carnosa 4"-6"

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Hoya carnosa

Called the wax plant due to it's waxy cuticle on the leaf blade which helps it retain water. These are epiphytic tropical succulents. Looks wonderful in a hanging basket or high on a shelf.

Like most Hoya, this sp. enjoys very bright indirect, to direct sunlight exposure. Watering should only be considered once the medium is completely dry and the leaves begin to feel soft.

Hoya carnosa enjoys a chunky, well draining mix and would appreciate any extra humidity offered. Under the right conditions, they bloom a beautiful ball of pink star-shaped flowers.

4” - 6” nursery pots available.

*Pictures are only representative of the specimen you will receive. You likely will not receive the exact plant/s in the photos*

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