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Hoya kerrii 'Albomarginata' 3-5”

Hoya kerrii 'Albomarginata' 3-5”

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Nope, not a trick. This is the real deal! Variegated Hoya kerrii plants with nodes. Hoya kerrii is an epiphyte from South-East Asia. Growing in the canopy of tropical regions, H. kerrii is used to bright light & drying out. 

Hoya kerrii enjoys a chunky well-draining soil, *bright* indirect light to direct sunlight, temps between 60-80 degrees, and high humidity.

Grow lights may be needed for the winter months. May need to repot in 1-2 years, Hoya sp. enjoy being rootbound.


*We have several of these plants this size for sale, so obviously the plant you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured* 

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