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Anoectochilus Albolineatus - Jewel Orchid

Anoectochilus Albolineatus - Jewel Orchid

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This Anoectochilus Albolineatus - Jewel Orchid comes in a 2.5" nursery pot and has 2-4 leaves. For this Jewel Orchid we recommend choosing UPS 3 Day, USPS Priority, or any option which would get to you in less than 3 days to ensure you receive this Jewel Orchid in the best condition.  If the weather in your area is too cold for plants to survive we offer heat packs in the shop and they can be added to your order. You will receive a jewel orchid similar to the one shown. The jewel orchid you will receive is rooted; however, Jewel Orchids tend to have smaller roots when they are at this size.
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