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Arber Fresh Cut Flower Food 4oz

Arber Fresh Cut Flower Food 4oz

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Arber's Fresh Cut Flower Food is a concentrated liquid formula developed to extend the life of your fresh cut flowers, keeping them vibrant and stunning for 2x longer. For Use On Fresh Cut Flowers Key Features LONG-LASTING BLOOMS — 2 times longer last blooms versus using water only EASY TO USE — Easy to use capfuls to mix solution directly into water for each use. IMPROVES VIBRANCY — Solution enhances flower vibrancy resulting in brighter color blooms. How To Use Using our Fresh Cut Flower Food is easy. Simply measure 1 capful for every 2 cups of cool water in the vase, and pour the solution directly into your vase. Cut flower stems and arrange in the vase. For best results, change water and re-apply every 4 days for long-lasting bouquets.
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