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Botanica Plant BST (Age 21+)

Botanica Plant BST (Age 21+)

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Botanica Plant BST

1st Saturday of every month, 6:30-9 pm

*Due to this event being BYOB, the age requirement is 21+*

Join us the first Saturday of every month at 6:30 for our regularly scheduled Plant BUY, SELL, TRADE. This is a free event. There is no need to purchase tickets or RSVP although a head count would be nice!


-Bring yourself! Bringing plants to giveaway, sell, or trade is customary but people usually have freebies as well so don't fret if you don't have any plant babies to bring yet!

-Bring a table and chairs for your set up. Botanica has a couple to provide for those in need.

-Please, treat all plants for pests before you bring to the BST. Plants with active pests must stay home. We want to swap plants not pests!

-Please, label your plants. Care cards would be cool too if you have time to make them!

-Please take home all of your leftover plants with you after the swap.  

-All the cool kids carpool!

*As a courtesy to those in attendance, everyone receives 10% off of any purchases made in the shop during the swap.


*Tips from Botanica for the BST*

 -bring a box or bag to take home your new goodies!

-bring small bills. Breaking large bills at BST can be hard!

-bring baggies and paper towels for any cuttings you may snag.

-stay hydrated and have fun! ❤️


Attendees may bring consumables, including alcoholic beverages, to be enjoyed responsibly. Consumption is optional; those who partake must recognize that legal drinking age is required and accept responsibility for their choices and associated outcomes. Botanica urges responsible consumption and respectful behavior; driving should not be attempted when impaired. Note that individuals are solely responsible for any action taken after drinking. Botanica disclaims any liability for any outcomes associated with drinking.

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