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Calathea musaica 'Network' 4-6"

Calathea musaica 'Network' 4-6"

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Goeppertia kegeljanii 'Network'

Known for the intricate mosaic patterns on the leaf, this former member of the Calathea genus is coveted as one of the most ornamental prayer plants. With Goeppertia hailing from the Tropical Americas, these are terrestrial understory plants growing in deep shade, with high humidity. The patterning that is visible on the leaf is oddly enough the plant's vascular system - you're quite literally looking at it's veins!

Goeppertia kegeljanii 'Network' enjoys moderate to bright indirect light, a chunky, well-draining potting mix, mild to high temps, and would absolutely thrive with some higher humidity. Likes to superficially dry in between waterings, never allowing it to become bone dry. 

May need to be repotted in 6 months to a year.


4-6" nursery pots available.

*Our stock changes daily. Photos on our website are only representative of the plant you will receive, meaning you likely won't receive the plant in the photo.*

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