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Calathea insignis (Rattlesnake Calathea) 8"

Calathea insignis (Rattlesnake Calathea) 8"

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Goeppertia insignis 

Formally Calathea lancifolia, it along with many other former Calathea were recently redescribed into the genus of Goeppertia. Being a member of the Marantaceae family, these are understory plants hailing from the rainforests of Central and South America. Often referred to as "Prayer Plants" due to their habit of following a circadian rhythm, meaining the leaves move throughout the day, depending on the time of day & available light.

Goeppertia insignis enjoys low to bright indirect light, a chunky, well-draining soil, moderate temps, and absolutely loves high humidity. Likes to dry out in between waterings, but not necessarily bone/critically dry.

Might need to be repotted yearly.

8" nursery pots available.

*our stock changes daily, and photos on the website are representative of the plant you will receive. you likely will not receive the exact plant pictured*

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