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Sedum morganianum Burrito 2"

Sedum morganianum Burrito 2"

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Donkey's Tail (Sedum morganianum), also known as "Burro's Tail," is a charming succulent with cascading stems adorned with plump, trailing leaves. People are drawn to these plants primarily for their captivating appearance, which adds a touch of natural elegance to homes and gardens. The main reason people buy Donkey's Tail is its unique trailing growth habit, making it a popular choice for hanging baskets and succulent enthusiasts looking to create stunning displays. Care tips: Temperature: Ideal is 75-82 degrees Farenheit. But can range from 59-88 degrees. If cold outside, bring indoors to keep warm by a sunny window. Light: Prefers to be outdoors under light shade cloth, or can be grown indoors by a sunny south facing window with additional grow lights to keep healthy. Watering: Water once every 2 weeks during spring-summer, during fall-winter, water about once a month. But watering varies on temperature, typically more heat means watering more often. Use your best judgement
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