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Fern and Folk

Fist Pot | Funny Pot | Gag Pot | Flower Pot | Planter

Fist Pot | Funny Pot | Gag Pot | Flower Pot | Planter

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Introducing the Fist Pot: a bold and versatile addition to your plant collection that packs a punch of personality! This unique planter takes the form of a clenched fist, exuding an aura of strength and dominance that commands attention in any room. What sets the Fist Pot apart is its ability to exude different vibes depending on what's planted within it. Fill it with a spikey cactus, and it becomes slightly inappropriate, falic, and humorous. Opt for a lush, trailing vine, and it transforms into a whimsical display of nature's beauty, softening its tough exterior with a touch of greenery. Do with it what you will - either way its sure to bring joy and conversation to your space! ~3.9" H x 3.75" W
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