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Turtle's Soup

Meh Awkward Kitty Cat Disgruntled Pinback Button

Meh Awkward Kitty Cat Disgruntled Pinback Button

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'Meh Awkward Kitty' pinback button by Turtle's Soup. It seems we have caught this kitty in a rather awkward moment. We must have accidentally walked in on him when he was doing some grooming. Lucky for him, he actually has no shame, and doesn’t mind that his whole booty is on display. Unlucky for us, that doesn’t make us feel any less uncomfortable. Please stop having eye contact with us, Mr. Kitty. 🐢 1.5 inch (circle buttons). 🐢 Packed loose for bins, bowls, etc. 🐢 Copyright © 2020 Turtle's Soup. All Rights Reserved.
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