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Monstera adansonii 4"-6"

Monstera adansonii 4"-6"

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Monstera adansonii
Monstera adansonii - Adanson's Monstera - is a variable hemiepiphytic climbing vine native to a large area of Central and South America. When immature, leaves are small and have few fenestrations (holes in the leaf), but when allowed to climb up a support, ideally a tree in the jungle, the leaves can get absolutely massive. There are a couple varieties in cultivation, including what is the most commonly called 'Wide Form' but actually isn't M. adansonii at all, it is a NOID (never been classified) sp. that is very similar to M. adansonii. The other being Monstera adansonii subsp. laniata, and M. adansonii subsp. laniata 'Narrow', which is also common in cultivation and has fewer and smaller fenestrations present in the foliage.

Monstera adansonii enjoys bright indirect light to partial/brief direct sun exposure, a chunky well-draining soil,  moderate to high temps, and absolutely loves humidity. Likes to dry superficially in-between waterings, do not allow to sit bone dry. Will not get large foliage if not allowed to climb.

May need to be repotted in 6 months to a year.

4" & 6" nursery pots available.

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