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Monstera deliciosa 4-6"

Monstera deliciosa 4-6"

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Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa is a hemiepiphytic vining aroid with a large range from Tropical Mexcio, all the way through much of Central and South America, and is also naturalized and invasive in several other areas of the world. Known for it's splits and fenestrations (holes in the leaf), this plant is sometimes called the "Swiss Cheese Plant". The splits and fenestrations only occur with the right conditions, and maturity of the plant, along with being allowed to climb. M. deliciosa is the most cultivated houseplant in all of human history, and for good reason, as the tropical feeling it brings is like no other - as well as being very resilient in the home.

Monstera deliciosa enjoys anywhere from bright indirect lighting to brief/partial direct sun exposure, and can even be hardened off into full sun exposure. Likes a chunky, well-draining potting mix, moderate to high temps, and would absolutely love high humidity. Likes to thoroughly dry in-between waterings.

May need to be repotted in 6 months to a year.

May be toxic to pets and/or children.

6" nursery pots available.

*Our stock changes daily. Obviously the plant you receive might not be the one in the photo. No guarantees that the 4" or the 6" pots will have fenestrations.*

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