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Organic Arber Soil & Root Food w Mycorrhizae 4oz

Organic Arber Soil & Root Food w Mycorrhizae 4oz

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Healthy soil is the basis to growing vibrant, thriving, and long-lasting plants. Our Organic Soil & Root Food is a concentrated blend of Mycorrhizae, Bacillus, and beneficial soil microbes that gives life to your soil. Our easy to use shake-on granule promotes strong root development, nutrient efficiency, and biodiversity in your soil. Key Features BOOST PLANT & SOIL HEALTH — Improves soil structure and increases access to nutrients leading to healthy, vibrant, and thriving plants EASY TO USE — Easy to shaker to shake nutrient-dense granules directly into soil each use. NUTRIENT UPTAKE — Mycorrhizae form a beneficial symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping absorb nutrients more effectively. ORGANIC APPROVED — No synthetic ingredients or additives that could pose a risk to people, pets, pollinators or the planet. ENVIRONMENTALLY POSITIVE — Mycorrhizae creates living biodiverse soil that draws carbon into the ground helping combat climate change.
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