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Philodendron 'Florida Ghost' 4"

Philodendron 'Florida Ghost' 4"

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Philodendron cv. 'Florida Ghost' is a cultivated variety of a hybridized Philodendron that is known for its new leaves erupting a solid white color, and slowly fading to green as they harden off.

Philodendron cv. 'Florida Ghost' enjoys bright indirect light to partial brief direct sun exposure, a chunky, well-draining potting mix, moderate to high temps, and would thrive with higher humidity levels. Likes to dry out in-between waterings.

May need to be repotted yearly.

This plant is toxic to pets and humans. 

4" nursery pots available.

*We have several of these plants this size for sale, so obviously the plant you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured* 

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