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Porcelain Germination & Propagation Plate

Porcelain Germination & Propagation Plate

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It’s time to grow your indoor garden! Use this handmade porcelain germination & propagation plate into transform your glassware into a growing site for your seedlings. Let’s create some new life. This design fully supports your adventures into the process of growing new plant life in a beautiful way. Simply place the elegant porcelain propagation cone on any glass or jar and place your pit or bulb on top. The plate will keep it comfortably hovering above the water while the roots make their way down for growth. This Botanopia original product is made of porcelain to make it highly durable and easily reusable. Dishwasher proof, easy to clean and handmade in a small ceramics studio in the Czech Republic. We’ll send it out in a beautiful black gift box, detailed instructions for germination and propagation are included to get you started right away. 

Size is for the inner hole.
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