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Quench Houseplant Watering Alarm - Large

Quench Houseplant Watering Alarm - Large

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Help your houseplants thrive by watering at the optimal time 🌿 Chimes when your plant needs water - Prevents plants from dying due to over and under watering. 🌿 Every Quench plays a unique tone - Just as every plant is unique, every Quench plays a unique chime to give each of your plants a unique voice. 🌿 Blinks red at night - If your plant needs water during the night, Quench lights up red instead so will never disturb your sleep. Quench requires 1.5 days to "learn" your specific environment to determine when it will transition to night mode 🌿 Handy scale to set the correct depth for your plant - Water Loving Plants - Adjust Quench to level ~1,2 to ensure optimal watering Dry Loving Plants - Adjust Quench to level ~3,4 to ensure optimal watering 🌿 Metal alloy sensors - Quench sensors are made from a metal alloy allowing unmatched soil moisture detection 🌿 Easily replaceable batteries last years - Quench batteries will last on average over 3 years.
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